What Am I Taking?

Why Do Australians Need To Know More About Their Medications?

Why Do Australians Need To Know More About Their Medications?


Avoidable medication errors are a major problem in the Australian healthcare system.

One thing pharmacists and other health professionals agree about is that the risk of medication errors is increased by limitations or gaps in patients' knowledge and understanding of their drugs.

In What Am I Taking? contains detailed profiles of 100 of the most commonly prescribed medications in Australia, representing around 75% of all prescribing under Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Presented in clear, easy-to-understand language, each drug profile provides basic summaries of the drugs, including:

  • brief explanations of how they work
  • warnings and precautions to observe before using them
  • potential adverse effects
  • significant interactions with other drugs
  • dosing information and instructions. 

A separate section contains extensive information about the safe use of any medicines, including combinations of drugs or types of drugs to avoid, side effects and reactions to be concerned about, further reliable sources of advice and information, as well as other important precautions and tips. 

It is an ideal home medicines reference, especially for those taking multiple medications. It’s for anyone that wants to know more about their medications to avoid running into complications, and that should be all Australians.

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