What Am I Taking?

What's Different About What Am I Taking?

What's Different About What Am I Taking?


Difficulties with medication use often arise because consumers have too little or too much information.

Every prescription drug should have a consumer information leaflet included with the package, but unfortunately they often don't. 

And even when they do, they are often the least user-friendly documents you could find, with a mass of information printed in tiny type on a flimsy slip of paper. 

It's not hard to imagine that most of them end up in the bin without even being read, let alone retained for future reference. 

The other common source of information is the web, but that's also not without its problems. Even the simplest search for any drug will turn up scores, if not hundreds of links.

Most people will have difficulty recognising which websites are reliable as opposed to others which are questionable. And in any event, searches will usually end up swamping you with a mass of potentially confusing information. 

In What Am I Taking? we have provided concise summaries of each drug, explaining the important clinical information you need to use your medicines safely and effectively.

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