What Am I Taking?

About The Book

What Am I Taking? is the ideal home medicines reference. It provides medicine users, and their families or carers, with essential information on drugs which have been prescribed for them or which they are already using.

It contains profiles of 100 of the most frequently prescribed drugs in Australia, representing around 75% of all prescribing under Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Presented in clear, easy-to-understand layperson’s language, the profiles provide basic summaries of the drugs, including:

A comprehensive separate section contains extensive information about the safe use of any medicines, including combinations of drugs or types of drugs to avoid, side effects and reactions to be concerned about, further reliable sources of advice and information, as well as other important precautions and tips.

There's also a separate section providing useful background information about the diseases and conditions for which the profiled drugs are most frequently used. All this information is presented in a simple standard format, with type and layout designed to be open and easy to read.