What Am I Taking?

What's Behind the Book

Millions of Australians take pharmaceutical drugs every day.

We are among the world's highest users of prescription drugs, especially among older people - it's estimated more than 2.5 million Australians over the age of 50 are using five or more medications daily.

But medication use is not without risk, and avoidable medication errors have an enormous impact on the Australian health system. More than 400,000 GP visits per annum relate to medication problems, and 2-3% of hospital admissions - costing around $1.2 billion - are also medicines-related.

While not all problems are patient-generated, there is a broad consensus that limitations in knowledge or understanding increase the risk of medication errors. Health professionals such as doctors and pharmacists agree that better-informed consumers contribute to a healthier society.

However many consumers lack basic knowledge of the benefits or potential risks associated with the medications they are consuming. This is usually the result of either of two reasons: they have not received the information in the first place, or they have been confused by too much information.

What Am I Taking? addresses these factors by providing essential medicines information in a brief but comprehensive ready-reference format. The content has been culled from a variety of reputable sources, including the manufacturers' own information as well as other recognised independent references, before being evaluated and distilled into the key facts that users need to know.

What Am I Taking? bridges the knowledge gap for Australian medicine users